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Are you a busy executive woman managing a million things every day, operating at full steam from sun up to sun down (and beyond)?

Are you leading teams, managing projects, driving strategy, and crushing goals at work ... but even while making a robust income, you worry that your traditional retirement accounts won't be enough for the life you truly dream of, and you want to access wealth sooner than your retirement accounts will allow? 

We've all heard that real estate is a well-traveled path to financial abundance, early retirement, and generational wealth. But with all the options and mixed advice out there, are you stuck in overwhelm and analysis paralysis ... unsure if you have the time and bandwidth to figure out real estate while managing a high-powered career? 

You're not alone.

You've come to the right place.


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My story ‚ěĚ

I'm a busy law partner, mom, step-mom, wife ... and real estate investor on the side. 

While balancing a stressful law career as a federal prosecutor, then as an in-house lawyer for a large international tech company, and then as a law partner at a criminal defense firm, I built a successful real estate portfolio on the side.

During maternity leave, with my infant in tow, I put in an offer on my first rental property across the street from our house. When the seller accepted, I felt a tornado of fear and overwhelm, worried I had bitten off far more than I could chew. But I was excited and determined to make it work. I educated myself relentlessly on real estate strategy and financial literacy, and I built systems that allowed me to turn that property quickly into a profitable investment. Over the next six years, I grew that first investment into 10 properties ... a mix of long-term rentals, commercial spaces, and a short-term vacation rental.

These investments have allowed me to dream bigger and live freer ... knowing that I am not entirely dependent on my income from work and that I am setting myself and my family up for an abundant life and early retirement.  

I set out to help other career-driven women do the same, and I built the course and community I couldn't find for myself. 

Apply to the Mogul Masterclass: from Idea to Investment in 12 Weeks


A course designed uniquely for the needs of busy executive women looking to diversify their investments and grow wealth with real estate. The Mogul Masterclass is a comprehensive, one-stop shop for career-driven women to go from zero investment properties to a successful portfolio that builds net worth month after month ... without having to step back from work, swing a hammer, fix broken toilets, or make real estate into a second job. This step-by-step course gives you everything you need to go from Idea to Investment in 12 Weeks.

The Mogul Masterclass is open by application only to a select, committed group of go-getters who identify as busy executive women ready to start investing in real estate on the side. 

Learn more about our program ... and apply to join our community of supportive, like-minded women taking control of their own financial destiny.  

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