Podcast episode: two lawyers talk about how busy executive women can build lasting wealth on the side while managing a stressful life and career

May 05, 2024

Real talk from two women lawyers on how busy executives can invest in real estate on the side while managing a stressful life and career … without making real estate into a second job, swinging a hammer, or fixing broken toilets. Checkout Episode 246. 🏡 🏡 🏡
In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, join your host, Davina, and Tessa, a seasoned law partner and real estate mogul, as she demystifies the journey of building wealth through real estate in her program, 'Invest on the Side.' Whether you're a busy professional or a multi-tasking parent, discover actionable strategies that don't require quitting your day job. From her first $125k investment to owning 10 rental properties, Tessa shares her blueprint for generating snowballing, generational wealth while managing a full-time law career. Tune into 'Invest on the Side' to learn how you can start your path to financial freedom without swinging a hammer.

Listen to the episode here!

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